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Astarte has a wealth of experience in teaching, as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Physical Training, EFT, NLP and in the practice of Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage.
Astarte is a qualified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 1) and is certificated in Scientific Core Conditioning through the CHEK Institute.  She has completed courses in ‘Touch For Health’ Kinesiology, Joint Mobilisation, Spironics, NLP Master Practitioner and Advanced EFT. Astarte has a unique energy which she brings to her treatments and is especially renowned for Deep Tissue Massage and Intuitive Life Coaching.

If you are looking for Peace of Mind or Personal Power then Intuitive Life Coaching is for you.


David discovered he has a natural ability to heal through his hands long before it became trendy to get qualifications in massage. With around fourteen years at the massage table his many regular clients agree that he has an intuitive touch that is both firm and soothing.

If you are looking for relief from muscle pain or supportive massage for your sport then David can help. He specialises in massaging champions.