Core Conditioning

The Importance of Core Fitness Training. Are you Fit For Living?

Not so many years ago most people spent a large proportion of their time being physically active. Most jobs were physically demanding and people were Fit For Living. Their purpose, largely, was to directly contribute to the ongoing survival of their families or tribes and, indeed, the planet.

Nowadays the vast majority of jobs in Western Culture are so remotely removed from our survival as a species that we have lost our connectedness to the planet. Office workers and computer operators shuffle finances and goods and services into the world of consumerism. The world of mass production has people performing repetitious tasks for eight hours a day. Our working populations are suffering the consequences of the sedentary life: RSI or OOS, Fibromyalgia, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and chronic neck and back pain. Even active sports people suffer chronic conditions resulting from sports injuries. Why is this?

Our ancestors played and worked using seven primal movement patterns of the body: the squat, the lunge, the pull and the push, the bend, the twist and gait. Sports assessors find that nowadays the vast majority of adults have forgotten how to do these prime moves effectively. The vast majority of people have also become victims of muscle atrophy in their back and abdominal areas and are unable to support their bodies adequately in any but the simplest of movements. Being physically active is well known to be an essential part of healthy living but being aerobically fit is not enough to prevent significant injuries occurring in even the top athletes. Until recently, there has been inadequate scientific research behind the practise of exercising and many fit people have significant deficiencies in their core strength.

The good news for YOU is that you can attain core strength through simple core conditioning programmes, or remedial exercise therapy.

A simple, one-hour assessment will identify your areas of core weakness and a personalised exercise programme is taught in a follow-up session. Over a period of weeks or months your core strength is improved and the programme is developed to suit your personal goals.

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