Exercise Tips

10 Tips for Excercise Success

  1. For most healthy people embarking on a new exercise programme is a great way to get fit and reduce your biological age. However, if you are over forty years old or have a family history of poor health, it is a wise precaution to see your GP for a once-over. Once you are sure everything's in good working order, make an appointment with a personal trainer for a consultation.  Most trainers will give you a free consultation and help you work out your fitness level and your body fat and take your circumference measurements. A good trainer will suggest the types of programmes that you could follow.

  2. Take it easy to begin with. It seems most people are so keen to make a difference that they overdo their first exercise session and end up with very sore muscles for several days. If you haven't exercised for a while get started with a few short walks of about 20 to 30 minutes, 3 days a week. You can increase your load by walking a bit further or a bit faster each time.

  3. Set some SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-scaled) and work towards them. They may be to do with weight, self-image, circumference measurements, physical capabilities (e.g. doing 20 press-ups), etc.

  4. Treat each workout as an appointment and put it in your diary at the start of every week.

  5. Keep a record of your workouts, making notes about what you did and for how long, how you felt and the improvements you have made.

  6. Persuade someone to work out with you. It will keep you honest.

  7. Make it a daily habit to ask yourself how you are making your lifestyle healthier and happier.  For example: 'I am drinking sufficient water every day.' 'I am taking the stairs instead of the lift.' This reinforces your good feelings about yourself.

  8. Prepare for your workout the night before by packing your gym bag or, if you work out at home, laying out your workout clothes so you're ready to go.

  9. Eat good quality foods regularly throughout the day so you don't crash during your workout. See Nutrition and Lifestyle.

  10. Reward yourself!  Treat yourself to a massage when you achieve your goals. Get a new outfit to celebrate your trimmer figure.