Everyone needs help from time to time. When your friends, family and colleagues don't have the answers, ask a Life Coach .


  • Get clear on what's really bothering you and what you really want
  • Access technology of the unconscious mind designed to create rapid life shifts
  • Cut the time spent worrying and generate solutions in the present



Each package is preceded by a complementary 20 minute discovery conversation. Location is ubiquitous because all sessions are conducted remotely (by phone, Skype, messenger) at this stage.

All sessions take between 60 and 120 minutes.

  • 4 sessions over 1 - 2 months:                     $800
  • 8 sessions over 2 - 4 months:                    $1500
  • 12 sessions over 3 - 6 months:                  $2100

         NB. A single session is $250.


How to Book:

Contact Astarte to book a discovery session. 

This will be the perfect opportunity for coach and client to assess that there is a good fit to work together.




Astarte, I can't thank you enough for last night's coaching. It was great. I feel hugely relieved and much more energised. Energised isn't what you want to be at 2 am - lol - but I'm sure this will settle down.

I have had a skim through your little book and it's very well written. Lots of things in it are not completely new ideas to me, but it's all too easy to slip backwards into bad habits, especially negative thinking. Lots of work to do.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Carol J, Palmerston North, Nov 2013

It has been great to work alongside a therapist that continues to strive for new skills and knowledge, and on a daily basis practises holistic health. Astarte encompasses all the attributes to belong in my network of professional referrals. I look forward to continuing to work with Astarte in the future. Tony Small C.H.E.K. 3, HLC 3, DIP EX PHYS 2008

Co-Owner SMALL WONDERS, Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiologist, Palmerston North

My thanks go to Astarte for improving my general health. Before taking her advice I was weak - a shot immune system - and the medical team were not making any headway with me. I was getting over several major operations at the time, but after only three weeks my health started to show that Astarte had put me on the path to good health again. I am still improving and using the food products I was advised to use. I would recommend her advice to anyone. David Palmer, Palmerston North - 2003

I call on Astarte whenever I have an insurmountable problem about ANYTHING! She always helps me to get my thoughts into perspective.
Jo Hutchinson, Silver Wings Books and Gifts, 16/12/12