Hi! Astarte here.

You'll be looking for a way to shift something in your life that's not working so well for you, right? 

Maybe it's a phobia that's a pain in the tush, like a fear of creepy crawlies or heights or flying...

Or maybe you've been told to lose weight and you CAN'T give up sugar or alcohol! And cigarettes, they are so expensive...

Perhaps there's a bad memory from way back and it's stopping you moving on...

A Life Coach can help you get clear on what you REALLY want from life.

Coaching is a way to access Technology that can help you make rapid shifts. Technology like EFT and NLP, for instance.

So would it be worth your time and effort to cut the time spent worrying about stuff and generate effective solutions in the present moment?

If yes, call or email Astarte now to book a complementary 20-minute Discovery Conversation to see if there's a mutual 'fit'.

When that's done we can start as soon as you're ready to go because we can use Skype, Messenger or Zoom.  

Sessions tend to go for 60 to 120 minutes.

Please check out below what people have said about working with me...





Astarte, I can't thank you enough for last night's coaching. It was great. I feel hugely relieved and much more energised. I have had a skim through your little book and it's very well written. Lots of things in it are not completely new ideas to me, but it's all too easy to slip backwards into bad habits, especially negative thinking. Lots of work to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Carol J, New Zealand

My thanks go to Astarte for improving my general health. Before taking her advice I was weak - a shot immune system - and the medical team were not making any headway with me. I was getting over several major operations at the time, but after only three weeks of following a more suitable diet, my health started to improve. Astarte put me on the path to good health again. I am still improving using the recommended food products. David Palmer, New Zealand

I call on Astarte whenever I have an insurmountable problem about ANYTHING! She always helps me to get my thoughts into perspective.
Jo Hutchinson, New Zealand