EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

by Astarte

I am truly astonished and delighted with the results I have been witnessing while using EFT. I have been applying EFT during massage sessions with consenting clients and observing the results. Pain and emotional issues have been alleviated within seconds or minutes with a simple round of tapping and affirmations.

I hear the sceptics among you snort! Quite so! David snorted, too, until he had a sore neck that my massage couldn’t relieve. Under duress and disbelief I took him through a couple of full rounds of EFT and we were both blown away that he experienced almost complete relief from his pain within two minutes.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a process developed by Gary Craig, a physicist and ordained minister in the USA. EFT is based on a number of principles and it's a means of accessing the subconscious through the chi meridians, (as used in acupuncture), balancing right- and left-brain hemispheres and reprogramming the subconscious through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). A sequence of tapping on meridian points with finger tips, saying affirmations and doing some ‘brain gym’ exercises, re-balances the chi such that pain, cravings, phobias and other emotional upsets are reduced or eliminated.

Many professionals in counselling, psychology and chiropractic (to name a few) are using this process with success rates of 80% plus. In other words, more than 80% of those who use EFT to help with health issues can expect a partial or complete and permanent ‘fix’. For those who experience no improvement, there are circumstances that may be causing them to remain ‘blocked’ and a change of environment, diet or washing powder have been known to make a difference.

I have completed formal courses of EFT with local EFT Master, Barbara Smith, EFT Cert Hons, and continue with my EFT studies using CDs, online training and books. I recently attended a workshop gathering for Advanced EFT Practitioners with Ann Adams, LCSW, EFT Cert Hons., an intrnational EFT Master. I’m enjoying seeing some truly amazing results on everyone who tries it. I have developed a short-hand version of tapping that I use on my massage clients for reducing significant pain experienced during deep tissue massage. After one or two rounds of tapping I can work on the affected muscles without causing undue pain.

Clients who see me for emotional issues find themselves feeling lighter and freer after an EFT session. I am convinced that Gary Craig's dream of having everyone using this process will indeed make a happier world for us all to live in.

Addendum 7 June 2010

After six years of using EFT on myself I have reached a place of inner peace. Coupled with my parallel search for, and location of, meaning in my life, I am now seeing clients for self-realisation and enlightenment coaching.

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